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Designer + Developer

est. 2004

Who is Virtue Media?

Virtue Media is owned and operated by Monika Arturi, designer, developer, and overall chef in the marketing kitchen. We help and support non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals with their print and digital marketing needs. Agencies reach out to us for help on projects.


How Virtue Media helps you

We create in and support you on a wide range of platforms and environments.

Web design + development
WordPress support + training
Social media
Digital marketing
Print jobs
Email template design
SEO + analytics


Not-for-profit organizations

Virtue Media supports not-for-profit organizations by offering, to those that qualify, discounted pricing for support and on print or digital projects.

non profit marketing services

How we help

Your organization needs an efficient and cost effective solution for managing online & print marketing. Virtue Media can help AND support you with training and maintenance as you need it.